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Lobster Heaven!! For Your Eyes Only!


If you missed the lobster season or miss the spiny lobsters themselves don’t get down. There is an amazing spot filled with lobsters in the Keys. I’m talking about Key Largo. If you want to experience one of the best snorkeling in Florida, Christ of the Abyss offers the best experience there is. And if you truly miss those lobsters and even seeing them and touching them they will be waiting there for you. You cannot catch them since it is a protected national sanctuary but what you can do is to lay your eyes on one of the most beautiful spiny lobsters there are out there in South Florida. I’ve heard of many people that have a lobster license but since they’ve visited the sanctuary they will never eat the spiny lobsters again. Some people just love to catch them and then release them back. While that sounds kind of outrageous they get a kick out of it just being able to lay their hands on their ultimate prize. I personally enjoy having a twin lobster tails for dinner but when I see the video that I linked below I don’t think I will ever be  able to eat one of these creatures. To me, they now look as exotic creatures that are a priceless addition to one of our most beautiful reefs.


Finding New Lobster Hot Spots During Off Season


Once you guys get equipped with the right gear you’re ready to go and explore new lobster hot spots. To my surprise I found out that some people are posting videos of unknown locations that are filled with lobsters. Literally there are some videos that show entire lobster colony. But guess what? Those people are willing to disclose their locations for big sum of money. One user on YouTube, Jason Arnold is willing to sell his GPS coordinates for $1000. It seems like people are starting to auction the lobster hotspots during off-season to make big bucks.


Getting Equiped During Off Season

fins pic

To all the lobster enthusiasts out there don’t get down. There is a chance for improvement during the next mini lobster season. Now you have the chance to look for another lobster hot spots and be sure that  no one is going to fish it out before the next season begins. The ocean is getting warmer and the wind is getting calmer which allows for perfect snorkeling trip in South Florida.The Broward County has some of the most beautiful coral reef systems in the world. And you don’t have to swim too far before you reach the first coral reef system less than 150 yards from the beach.

If you’re not already equipped with your snorkeling gear there are a few gadgets that will allow you to shoot a perfect video with your GoPro camera. I just discovered a mask on Amazon that has a built in hot shoe that allows you to attach your GoPro camera on the top of the mask. The diving scuba mask sells for $79.99 on Amazon and works with all Go Pro models. It has great reviews and if you are prime time member on Amazon the shipping is for free.

The chances are that once you record the spot filled with lobsters it will become much easier to find it later if you do not have your GPS navigation. While GPS navigation is costly, some navigation sells for more than $600 a piece, there is an alternative for much cheaper price. You can purchase a waterproof case for your cell phone and then use your cell phone as a GPS navigation. If you’re not too far offshore you will still have reception on your phone. You can then locate and record the location on your phone. Here is a universal waterproof case that works for a variety of cell phones. It is certified to be waterproofed as deep as 100 feet.

As I mentioned the coral reef system is really close offshore so you don’t have to take the boat or kayak. As long as you have your dive flag you can swim up there. Many people don’t know that there are actually three coral reef systems apart from one another so the further you swim the deeper you get but the more luscious the reefs will become. I recommend using a good pair of fins. You can purchase a great pair of fins at the Sports Authority store. My favorites  are the U.S. Diver Proflex Fins that sell under $30.

Lobsters Are Smarter Than You Think


Accordinng to the latest study Lobsters have been found using their brains after all. The latest reserch shows spiny lobsters learned to cooperate in order to survive their many predators. Researchers and students at University of New Hampshire were testing the behavior patterns of lobsters once they were caught in
box traps. They lowered video cameras into lobster traps, to see precisely what happens inside one. What they’ve discovered was amusing!
Only 6 perecent of all lobsters are caught once they enter the trap box. Somoehow they learned not to walk the valley of death and have the last supper before they go enroute to death. Most of them reverse walk out of the trap and then communicate to outhers about the danger.
This explain the fact that we have not overfished the lobster population yet.

Lobsters With A Built-in Global Positioning System (GPS)

Scientists were surprised when they discovered the ability of Caribbean spiny lobsters to read its magnetic field. The Caribbean spiny lobster relobster GPS copysearchers collected more than 100 lobsters from various locations. Each lobster was tagged with a number indicating the exact location of their discovery. They were then placed in close containers and boated about in circuitous routes for hours so they could not remember the direction of home.

To further confuse the lobsters some of the containers contained magnets. Each lobster was then fitted with a movable hood so that they were effectively blindfolded. They were then placed in a large tank to see which directions they would naturally seek. Typically the lobsters would begin trying to walk home aiming to within a three compass degrees of where they were captured. Who would ever think that spiny lobsters would have such sophisticated navigation system?

This gives me an idea how to begin the new lobster season during the mini season this July. I have interviewed few people who are lobster enthusiasts. Catching lobsters has become their great passion. They have one thing in common. They want to make sure their lobsters spots remain a secret. But once their location has been fished out they have to wait until new lobsters make their secret spot their new home. But what if the lobster masters would become scientists themselves?

There are a few websites on Internet that describe fish tagging and  how you could humanely tag and track a lobster and its movements. Since the spiny lobsters have built-in global positioning system they are most likely be able to find their home. Local commercial lobster fisheries have their spots but what if they catch a lobster who was stranded from its home? I could just go buy a live lobster and set it free.  Then track its movements and find out where the lobster ends up making its new home. Few months later or perhaps a few days later I could check out that location and see what is out  there.

Link to the research:

Lobstering While Using GoPro Camera


Local lobster enthusiast Uroz Klikovak catches five lobsters in one day using high tech equipment.

To prove you folks out there that going high tech lobstering is worth it I spoke with a local lobster master from Pompano Beach who catches lobsters high tech. Uroz Klikovak has scored many lobsters after he started to use GoPro Hero camera during his lobster quest. His techniques have attracted other lobster enthusiasts since his last trip to his hidden location somewhere of the coast of Pompano Beach. Uroz uses a GPS navigation on his phone that is covered in water proof case. He says he keeps his coordinates secret unless someone wants to buy them from him for big bucks.

“I usually go by myself unless we need to take a boat out there. My spot is swimming distance away from the beach but having a boat makes it easier,” he says. His success lies in the ability to see what is going on at the reef before diving in, which causes the marine life to become startled. Lobsters have a sophisticated sense for picking up vibrations in the water. Once they see a large body in their proximity they hide.

“That is why I use my HD camera. I have my camera attached to a long telescopic pole that I used for fishing before. This allows me to survey the reef before I dive in. Knowing where the lobsters will hide and which direction will they try to escape gives me a great advantage. I can pace myself better and be successful catching them,” he says.

Uroz caught five lobsters using GoPro for the first time and he won’t go chasing them without it again. The camera has given him an extra pair of eyes. “I tried to test the live feed using the remote Wi-Fi to see what is going on under water but the connection signal won’t reach that far, he says. The GoPro Hero Black Edition uses a remote control that creates hotspot internet which allows live view on any tablet or smart phone, using the Go Pro application.

He says he found another solution. The camera has additional LCD screen that can be attached onto the camera, allowing the user to view the footage instantly. The LCD screen can be purchased on Best Buy for $79.

He has tested other techniques using high tech that have proven to be effective catching lobsters. Lobster Magnet is another gadget in his personal arsenal that attracts the spiny creatures without damaging the marine environment. The Lobster Magnet emits certain frequency that attracts lobsters from the surrounding reefs. He has left the Magnet at the bottom of the reef overnight, allowing it to attract as many as 20 lobsters the next day.

“I was shocked the next day I swam out to the reef.  He says “The place was swarmed with lobsters. I almost felt bad.” To him lobstering is an adventure and he wants to keep it that way. “If I swim down there and see that many lobsters it is no longer fun. I might just as well go to a fish market and get them there,” he says.

While Lobster Magnet is an effective way to attract lobsters you have to remain true to yourself. Allow the technology to help you become more creative utilizing catching techniques but don’t let it take away your game.

Propel Yourself To The Lobster Zone

3288-DEFAULT-lIn my previous post I talked about the spare air tank that will allow you stay underwater  for some time. While catching a lobster might not be too much of a challenge getting to them fast is another story.  Once you have your net and tickler ready their backward movement will lead them inside of the net and all you have to do is to scoop them up.

But to get to them fast before they hide under the reef in challeging. Once lobsters spot you they become very evasive. One way to get to them fast is by using a sea scooter.

It is an ultimate underwater gadget for any diver or snorkeler. The scooter are light weight, have zero buoyancy and will propel you into speed reaching over 3.3 miles per hour. This neat gadget sells for $700 .