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Propel Yourself To The Lobster Zone

March 11, 2013

3288-DEFAULT-lIn my previous post I talked about the spare air tank that will allow you stay underwater  for some time. While catching a lobster might not be too much of a challenge getting to them fast is another story.  Once you have your net and tickler ready their backward movement will lead them inside of the net and all you have to do is to scoop them up.

But to get to them fast before they hide under the reef in challeging. Once lobsters spot you they become very evasive. One way to get to them fast is by using a sea scooter.

It is an ultimate underwater gadget for any diver or snorkeler. The scooter are light weight, have zero buoyancy and will propel you into speed reaching over 3.3 miles per hour. This neat gadget sells for $700 .


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