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Lobstering While Using GoPro Camera

March 25, 2013

Local lobster enthusiast Uroz Klikovak catches five lobsters in one day using high tech equipment.

To prove you folks out there that going high tech lobstering is worth it I spoke with a local lobster master from Pompano Beach who catches lobsters high tech. Uroz Klikovak has scored many lobsters after he started to use GoPro Hero camera during his lobster quest. His techniques have attracted other lobster enthusiasts since his last trip to his hidden location somewhere of the coast of Pompano Beach. Uroz uses a GPS navigation on his phone that is covered in water proof case. He says he keeps his coordinates secret unless someone wants to buy them from him for big bucks.

“I usually go by myself unless we need to take a boat out there. My spot is swimming distance away from the beach but having a boat makes it easier,” he says. His success lies in the ability to see what is going on at the reef before diving in, which causes the marine life to become startled. Lobsters have a sophisticated sense for picking up vibrations in the water. Once they see a large body in their proximity they hide.

“That is why I use my HD camera. I have my camera attached to a long telescopic pole that I used for fishing before. This allows me to survey the reef before I dive in. Knowing where the lobsters will hide and which direction will they try to escape gives me a great advantage. I can pace myself better and be successful catching them,” he says.

Uroz caught five lobsters using GoPro for the first time and he won’t go chasing them without it again. The camera has given him an extra pair of eyes. “I tried to test the live feed using the remote Wi-Fi to see what is going on under water but the connection signal won’t reach that far, he says. The GoPro Hero Black Edition uses a remote control that creates hotspot internet which allows live view on any tablet or smart phone, using the Go Pro application.

He says he found another solution. The camera has additional LCD screen that can be attached onto the camera, allowing the user to view the footage instantly. The LCD screen can be purchased on Best Buy for $79.

He has tested other techniques using high tech that have proven to be effective catching lobsters. Lobster Magnet is another gadget in his personal arsenal that attracts the spiny creatures without damaging the marine environment. The Lobster Magnet emits certain frequency that attracts lobsters from the surrounding reefs. He has left the Magnet at the bottom of the reef overnight, allowing it to attract as many as 20 lobsters the next day.

“I was shocked the next day I swam out to the reef.  He says “The place was swarmed with lobsters. I almost felt bad.” To him lobstering is an adventure and he wants to keep it that way. “If I swim down there and see that many lobsters it is no longer fun. I might just as well go to a fish market and get them there,” he says.

While Lobster Magnet is an effective way to attract lobsters you have to remain true to yourself. Allow the technology to help you become more creative utilizing catching techniques but don’t let it take away your game.


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