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Lobsters Are Smarter Than You Think

April 16, 2013


Accordinng to the latest study Lobsters have been found using their brains after all. The latest reserch shows spiny lobsters learned to cooperate in order to survive their many predators. Researchers and students at University of New Hampshire were testing the behavior patterns of lobsters once they were caught in
box traps. They lowered video cameras into lobster traps, to see precisely what happens inside one. What they’ve discovered was amusing!
Only 6 perecent of all lobsters are caught once they enter the trap box. Somoehow they learned not to walk the valley of death and have the last supper before they go enroute to death. Most of them reverse walk out of the trap and then communicate to outhers about the danger.
This explain the fact that we have not overfished the lobster population yet.


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