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Getting Equiped During Off Season

April 24, 2013

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To all the lobster enthusiasts out there don’t get down. There is a chance for improvement during the next mini lobster season. Now you have the chance to look for another lobster hot spots and be sure that  no one is going to fish it out before the next season begins. The ocean is getting warmer and the wind is getting calmer which allows for perfect snorkeling trip in South Florida.The Broward County has some of the most beautiful coral reef systems in the world. And you don’t have to swim too far before you reach the first coral reef system less than 150 yards from the beach.

If you’re not already equipped with your snorkeling gear there are a few gadgets that will allow you to shoot a perfect video with your GoPro camera. I just discovered a mask on Amazon that has a built in hot shoe that allows you to attach your GoPro camera on the top of the mask. The diving scuba mask sells for $79.99 on Amazon and works with all Go Pro models. It has great reviews and if you are prime time member on Amazon the shipping is for free.

The chances are that once you record the spot filled with lobsters it will become much easier to find it later if you do not have your GPS navigation. While GPS navigation is costly, some navigation sells for more than $600 a piece, there is an alternative for much cheaper price. You can purchase a waterproof case for your cell phone and then use your cell phone as a GPS navigation. If you’re not too far offshore you will still have reception on your phone. You can then locate and record the location on your phone. Here is a universal waterproof case that works for a variety of cell phones. It is certified to be waterproofed as deep as 100 feet.

As I mentioned the coral reef system is really close offshore so you don’t have to take the boat or kayak. As long as you have your dive flag you can swim up there. Many people don’t know that there are actually three coral reef systems apart from one another so the further you swim the deeper you get but the more luscious the reefs will become. I recommend using a good pair of fins. You can purchase a great pair of fins at the Sports Authority store. My favorites  are the U.S. Diver Proflex Fins that sell under $30.


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