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Lobster Heaven!! For Your Eyes Only!

April 29, 2013


If you missed the lobster season or miss the spiny lobsters themselves don’t get down. There is an amazing spot filled with lobsters in the Keys. I’m talking about Key Largo. If you want to experience one of the best snorkeling in Florida, Christ of the Abyss offers the best experience there is. And if you truly miss those lobsters and even seeing them and touching them they will be waiting there for you. You cannot catch them since it is a protected national sanctuary but what you can do is to lay your eyes on one of the most beautiful spiny lobsters there are out there in South Florida. I’ve heard of many people that have a lobster license but since they’ve visited the sanctuary they will never eat the spiny lobsters again. Some people just love to catch them and then release them back. While that sounds kind of outrageous they get a kick out of it just being able to lay their hands on their ultimate prize. I personally enjoy having a twin lobster tails for dinner but when I see the video that I linked below I don’t think I will ever be  able to eat one of these creatures. To me, they now look as exotic creatures that are a priceless addition to one of our most beautiful reefs.


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