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Breathe Easy While You Dive for Lobsters

Diving For lobster has become easier with the latest gadgets for scuba diving and free diving.

Diving for lobster has become easier with the latest gadgets for scuba diving and free diving.

Have you ever dove in and spotted a secret reef full of lobsters but ran out of air just before you could catch them?   Going through the ordeal of putting on the scuba gear seems just so lenghty and tiring. Well there is a solution to your problem.

Now you can have up to 30 breaths that you can consolidate if you use the  Spare Air Submersible Air Systems.  This is a neat emergency air supply  if you need the extra breath while you’re busy catching lobsters, epecially when you are 15 feet under water. With 3 cubic feet of air staying underwater up to 5 minutes should not be a problem. The Spair Air tank can be refilled using a standard scuba tank as long as you use the provided  refill adapter. Another advantage of the Spare Air tank is its color. The tank comes in neon green  which makes it easy to spot if you happen to drop it in the murky waters.  All and all,  it is a great safety tool to have any time you choose to dive deeper and  for a longer period of time.The Spare Air sells on Amazon for $250 and comes in 2 sizes. The smaler version is 1.7 cubic feet- about 30 breaths at the surface and the larger version- 3 cubic feet is about 57 breaths at the surface. It comes with optimal  Dial Gauge.

I must say it is a nice little device that will serve you as an extra insurance and safety when you’re diving for the spiny lobsters in South Florida!


Diving for Lobsters in 1080p

GoPro-HERO3-Black-EditionIf you love catching lobsters and want to share your experience with others you should consider diving in High Definition (HD).
Since the introduction of the outdoor HD cameras such as GoPro and the underwater mask Liquid Image an entire new horizon has opened up for the lobster enthusiasts.
With the latest version of GoPro cameras you can dive for lobsters and share your experience live with others who might not be too keen to dive in and try to catch the spiny creatures on their own.

The new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi that enables remote control via included Wi-Fi Remote or live video preview and remote control on smartphones and tablets running the free GoPro app. This new, cool option allows you to share live video of your underwater quest for the perfect catch.
As an example, if diving is not an option, using Hero3 enables you to view and examine the reef from the boat.
I suggest using a long fishing rod without the fishing reel. They are selling cheap,(around $15)and are available on Amazon. The telescoping fishing rod pole is long enough(about 5.4 meters) to stick it deep to have a clear view of the reef once the camera is securely attached to the rod.

81sl6Gd64XL__SL1500_If the Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough you might have to consider post review on your laptop. Once in water, using the Liquid Image mask will allow you to record everything you look upon. The camera’s specs include: Wide angle video camera embedded into a diving mask that captures what you see, for easy “Hands Free” photography while snorkeling and diving to 130-Feet/40m deep,
Video Mode records HD 720P Video 1280×720 up to 30 fps
Photo Mode records 12 MP interpolated images through a 136 degree lens
Includes a 4GB micro SDHC card. The masks sells on Amazon for $219.


Diving For Lobsters Using High Tech


If you have a taste for adventure and love seafood, diving for lobsters might have gotten easier even for the inexperienced. Using some of the latest technological gadgets can help you find the spiny creatures without taking a dip in the water. The arrival of the latest HD sports cameras such as the GoPro Hero and the Nikon COOLPIX waterproof camera allow you to search for the “sea bugs” live from the boat.

It might sound a little overboard and expensive but the outcome can be worth the money. Plus you might just drop the idea of towing “the sharp -eyed diver” looking for a buggy!